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The 2022 Mid-Season Invitational has revealed its location, but when is it even taking place?

The 2022 Mid-Season Invitational will take place in May 2022. Teams from all around the world will come together to participate in the second-biggest League of Legends esports event, but where is it going to take place?

Let’s check out everything we know about the upcoming event! Where, when and who is participating!

Where Will MSI 2022 Take Place?

The 2022 Mid-Season Invitational will take place in Busan, South Korea. This was already leaked a while back in a recent stream by former C9 coach LS, where T1's CEO Joe Marsh was a on as a guest.

Riot now confirmed this with an official announcement on Twitter and on their lolesports website.

This will be the first international League of Legends event in the country since the 2018 World Championship, where Invictus Gaming 3-0ed Fnatic in the finals.

South Korea has never hosted MSI before, making this the first time. Knowing how hyped League of Legends fans are, though, this will be a huge success. Whether fans are allowed to come watch is still unknown.

Which Teams Are Competing at MSI 2022?

Each winner of the various League of Legends regions will be able to compete at the event. Throughout the last two years, the Vietnamese representatives have had to stay home due to strict COVID rules implemented by the Vietnamese government. Will this be the first year that the VCS can send their representative to an international event again?

We won’t know which teams will compete until all regions have played through all their playoffs, though some teams are looking to be a shoo-in for the event. The LCK’s T1 finished their split with an 18-0 record, and they are the clear favorites without having qualified for MSI yet.

RegionTeamRegular Split Record





LCL Won't Compete At 2022 MSI

Due to the current political situation and the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the LCL Spring Split was not played out. Therefore, the region is unable to send a representative to this year's Mid-Season Invitational.

LPL to Compete Remotely from China

Due to heavy travel restrictions, the LPL representative won't be able to compete at the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational. At least not in person. Riot has decided to let the Chinese representative – either Top Esports or RNG, we will find out during the LPL finals on Saturday – play from Shanghai.

So, the Chinese representative will be able to compete at the event, but they won't be able to attend MSI. Last year RNG managed to win the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational and if they manage to secure their spot this year as well they could defend their title as MSI champions.

Latency Issues at MSI 2022

Sadly, not everything went as smoothly regarding RNG's remote participation at the Mid-Season Invitational 2022. Alex François, the Global Head of Competitive Operations at Riot Games issued a statement on Twitter regarding some discrepancies in the game log of every match Royal Never Give Up played.

Apparently, these issues mainly impacted the teams playing at the venue in Busan, which is why Riot decided to have RNG replay every single of their three matches with the issues now being apparently resolved.

RNG therefore started Day 4 with a score of 0 - 0 instead of 3 - 0 with the matches in question being replayed on Saturday after the conclusion of all Group C games.

MSI 2022 Groups

Group A

1.T16 - 0
2.Saigon Buffalo4 - 2
3.DetonatioN FocusMe

5 - 1

3.Team Aze

5 - 1

Group B

1.RNG6 - 0
2.PSG Talon3 - 3
3.RED Kalunga2 - 4
4.fastPay Wildcats1 -5

Group C

1.G2 Esports8 - 0
2.Evil Geniuses4 - 4
3.ORDER0 - 8
2022 Mid-Season Invitational: Who Won? | EarlyGame (1)

MSI 2022 Schedule

The 2022 Mid-Season Invitational will start on May 10, 2022. The event will have three different stages with a Group Phase, Rumble Phase and Knockout Phase.

MSI Group Phase | May 10-15

11 Teams will compete at this year's MSI since the LCL did not play out their 2022 Spring Split and will therefore not participate. This means that there will be two groups of four and one group of 3 teams, similar to MSI 2021 where the VCS representatives could not partake.

Games in the Group Stage will be played out as a best-of-one double round-robin within the respective group.

Day 1 - Tuesday, May 10 @ 4 AM EST

Team 1ScoreTeam 2Score
T11Saigon Buffalo0
Team Aze0DetonatioN FocusMe1

G2 Esports

Evil Geniuses0G2 Esports1
fastPay WildCats0Royal Never Give Up1 (inv.)
RED Kalunga1PSG Talon0

Day 2 - Wednesday, May 11 @ 4 AM EST

Team 1ScoreTeam 2Score
G2 Esports1Evil Geniuses0
Evil Geniuses1ORDER0
DetonatioN FocusMe0Buffalo Saigon1
Team Aze0T11
fastPay Wildcats1RED Kalunga0
Royal Never Give Up1 (inv.)PSG Talon0

Day 3 - Thursday, May 12 @ 4 AM EST

Team 1ScoreTeam 2Score
ORDER0Evil Geniuses1
G2 Esports1ORDER0
PSG Talon1fastPay Wildcats0
Royal Never Give Up1 (inv.)RED Kalunga0
Saigon Buffalo1Team Aze0
T11DetonatioN FocusMe0

Day 4 - Friday, May 13 @ 8 AM EST

Team 1ScoreTeam 2Score
PSG Talon1RED Kalunga0
Royal Never Give Up1fastPay Wildcats0
fastPay Wildcats0PSG Talon1
RED Kalunga0Royal Never Give Up1
RED Kalunga1fastPay Wildcats0
PSG Talon0

Royal Never Give Up


Day 5 - Saturday, May 14 @ 2 AM EST

Team 1ScoreTeam 2


Evil Geniuses0G2 Esports1
Evil Geniuses1


G2 Esports1ORDER0
G2 Esports1Evil Geniuses0
ORDER0Evil Geniuses1
ORDER0G2 Esports1
fastPay Wildcats0Royal Never Give Up1
Royal Never Give Up1PSG Talon0
Royal Never Give Up1RED Kalunga0

Day 5 - Sunday, May 15 @ 2 AM EST

Team 1ScoreTeam 2Score
Team Aze0Saigon Buffalo1
DetonatioN FocusMe0T11
Saigon Buffalo1DetonatioN FocusMe0
T11Team Aze0
DetonatioN FocusMe0Team Aze1
Saigon Buffalo0T11

MSI Rumble Stage | May 18-22

The top two teams of each group will move onto this stage in the tournament. The six remaining teams play a best-of-one double round-robin to determine who moves onto the final stage of the Mid-Season Invitational.

Day 1 - Friday, May 20 @ 4 AM EST

Team 1ScoreTeam 2Score
T10G2 Esports1
Evil Geniuses0Royal Never Give Up1
PSG Talon1Saigon Buffalo0
G2 Esports1Royal Never Give Up0
Saigon Buffalo0Evil Geniuses1
PSG Talon0T11

Day 2 - Saturday, May 21 @ 4 AM EST

Team 1ScoreTeam 2Score
G2 Esports1Evil Geniuses
Royal Never Give Up1

PSG Talon

T11Saigon Buffalo0
PSG Talon0Evil Geniuses1
Royal Never Give Up1T10
Saigon Buffalo0G2 Esports1

Day 3 - Sunday, May 22 @ 4 AM EST

Team 1ScoreTeam 2Score
Evil Geniuses0T11
G2 Esports0PSG Talon1
Royal Never Give UP1Saigon Buffalo0
T11PSG Talon0
Royal Never Give UpG2 Esports


Evil Geniuses1Saigon Buffalo0

Day 4 - Monday, May 23 @ 4 AM EST

Team 1ScoreTeam 2Score
PSG Talon1G2 Esports0
T10Evil Geniuses1
Saigon Buffalo0Royal Never Give Up1
G2 Esports0T11
Saigon Buffalo1PSG Talon0
Royal Never Give Up1Evil Geniuses0

Day 5 - Tuesday, May 24 @ 2 AM EST

Team 1ScoreTeam 2Score
G2 Esports0

Saigon Buffalo

Evil Geniuses1PSG Talon0
Saigon Buffalo0T11
PSG Talon0Royal Never Give Up1
Evil Geniuses0G2 Esports1
T11Royal Never Give Up0

Final Standings After Rumble Stage


1Royal Never Give Up8 - 2
2T17 - 3
3Evil Genius5 - 5
G2 Esports5 - 5
5PSG Talon3 - 7
6Saigon Bufffalo2 - 8

Knockout Stage | May 27-29

The top four teams of the Rumble Stage move onto the Knockout Stage. In this round they'll play best-of-five single-elimination matches. The final two teams will meet on May 29, 2022 to see who will be crowned the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational winners.

Semi Final 1 - Friday, May 27 @ 4 AM EST

Royal Never Give Upvs.Evil Geniuses

Semi Final 2 - Saturday, May 28 @ 4 AM EST


G2 Esports

Finals - Sunday, May 29 @ 4 AM EST


RNG Is MSI 2022 Champion

T1 fans everywhere are currently crying their eyes out. In a finale that could have given them the MSI crown, they disappointed in the last game (a total of 5 were played) with a draft that people knew would make RNG win. Faker picking Ahri – again – despite her abyssal win rate in the finale only for RNG to pick Lissandra and absolutely destroying them and T1 not banning Gwen when RNG got first pick... it was a mess.

RNG did a great job, though, they played well, kept their cool and deserved the title MSI champion 2022 in the end... even if the ping situation is still unfair.

2022 Mid-Season Invitational: Who Won? | EarlyGame (2)

What Patch Is MSI 2022 Being Played On?

The 2022 Mid-Season Invitational will be played on League of Legends Patch 12.8. Both Patch 12.7 and Patch 12.8 have been geared towards the pro-scene, making changes which will impact the event rather than a regular player's Bronze game.

Will Zeri and Renata Glasc Be Disabled for MSI 2022?

During large professional League of Legends tournaments, certain champions have been disabled before. In 2021, both Vex and Akshan weren’t playable during the World Championships, while Viego and Gwen were also disabled during the previous Mid-Season Invitational.

The rule regarding champions stipulates that all teams have had to play the champions during their playoffs. With Zeri being added into the game right when Season 12 was released, she will likely be part of the lineup.

Renata Glasc just joined the list of playable League of Legends champions. Whether she’s enabled for all playoff games in every region is yet to be determined, so we will have to wait to find out whether Renata will be played on-stage at MSI 2022.

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When Is MSI 2022?

MSI 2022 is going to start on May 10, 2022. The event will last all the way through to May 29, where the final will be played out in Busan, South Korea.

Will RNG be able to fight their way back to the event to defend their title from 2022 or will the 2021 World Champions EDward Gaming prevail and take the crown? So many questions, and we can only wait until the Mid-Season Invitational kicks off! Who are you cheering for?

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