21 Best Seinen Anime Series One Must Watch (2023)

When we say “Seinen anime,” we’re talking about shows that are adaptations of Seinen manga. Shounen, Seinen, Shoujo, Kodomomuke, and Josei are all terms we use to refer to target demographics.

So, how do we know whether it is Seinen anime? It’s simple: its manga is serialized in a Seinen magazine (such as Weekly Young Jump and Weekly Young Magazine).

21 Best Seinen Anime Series One Must Watch

  • So what exactly does “Seinen” mean?
  • List Of Best Seinen Anime Series
    • 21. Kenpuu Denki Berserk
    • 20. Tokyo Ghoul
    • 19. Mononoke
    • 18. Black Lagoon
    • 17. Grand Blue
    • 16. Hellsing Ultimate
    • 15. Kaiji: The Ultimate Survivor
    • 14. Kaguya-sama: Love is War
    • 13. Erased
    • 12. Rainbow
    • 11. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
    • 10. Made in Abyss
    • 9. Bungou Stray Dogs
    • 8. Fate/Zero
    • 7. One-Punch Man
    • 6. Mushishi
    • 5. March Comes in Like a Lion
    • 4. Parasyte – the maxim
    • 3. Vinland Saga
    • 2. Steins;Gate
    • ->
    • -> Psycho-Pass
    • 1. Monster

So what exactly does “Seinen” mean?

In Japanese, the word “seinen(青年)” literally translates to “youth” and is used to refer to “a young man.” Accordingly, the target audiences for seinen manga are typically young men in the 18 to 40 age group.

More often than not, the protagonists in these stories also belong to the said age group. Because seinen animanga targets a more mature audience than shounen, they tend to deal with darker, mature themes with complex plots and characters.

Most anime fans start their journey with a shounen anime, understandably, as they are more mainstream and popular. However, plenty of seinen anime is equally well-loved by fans worldwide.

Today we will look at the 21 best seinen anime series covering various genres so that you can pick what serves you the best.

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List Of Best Seinen Anime Series

21. Kenpuu Denki Berserk

  • Episodes: 25

21 Best Seinen Anime Series One Must Watch (1)

Kenpuu Denki Berserk is the 1997 anime adaptation of the manga, Berserk by Kenta Miura, regarded by many as the best manga ever made.

Berserk is one of the darkest, most graphic manga/anime out there, so it’s definitely not for the weak-hearted. But, that aside, if you can stomach all that, anime is everything one looks for in a story.

The story follows an ex-mercenary, Guts, now known as the “Black Swordsman,” who is out for revenge.

From a young age, Guts has seen all the horrors of life, but the most horrific of them all was a betrayal.

Now, constantly tormented by evil spirits, Guts is destined for death, but he has sworn to defy even death if it means wreaking vengeance on his betrayer.

Why you should watch Berserk:

  • Expert storytelling
  • Incredibly well-written characters
  • A perfect blend of several genres and themes
  • One of the best protagonist-antagonist duos in all of anime/manga
  • Terrific use of soundtracks that complement the consistent dark atmosphere and frequent horror elements in the show

Watch Trailer Here

20. Tokyo Ghoul

  • Episodes: 12

21 Best Seinen Anime Series One Must Watch (2)

Tokyo Ghoul is one of the most popularseinenanime ever. The hype around its release was unbelievable, thanks to the incredibly successful manga.

It contains lots of blood/gore, but if it’s your cup of tea, you’ll absolutely enjoy it!

The anime displays Tokyo infested by flesh-eating ghouls disguised as humans. Ken Kaneki is a university student who falls victim to one such ghoul.

After a life-threatening injury, Kaneki undergoes surgery. He soon realizes that he has turned into a half-human-half ghoul. Here on, it is a constant battle for him between craving human flesh and barely holding on to his humanity.

From season 2 onward, the anime leaves out several crucial parts, so we suggest you read the manga after season 1.

Why you should watch Tokyo Ghoul:

  • Compelling story right from the very first episode
  • Recurring graphic but bone-chilling horror/thriller elements
  • Fantastic use of music throughout the show
  • Beautiful art style with gorgeous character designs
  • Very likable characters

Watch Trailer Here

19. Mononoke

  • Episodes: 12

21 Best Seinen Anime Series One Must Watch (3)

Mononoke is a one-of-its-kind anime in its entirety. There is no other anime quite like it when it comes to its delivery.

This anime has gone under the radar for many seinen fans, and it deserves more appreciation.

The anime revolves around evil spirits in feudal Japan called “Mononoke” and the mysterious “medicine seller,” who finds and exorcises them.

The anime comprises five stories involving different spirits and only the medicine seller as a constant. There are unanticipated revelations that keep you on your toes the whole time.

The show dives into deep-rooted human emotions, concludes each arc very well, and leaves you fully content as a viewer.

Note: Mononoke and Mononoke Hime are different anime. The latter is a Studio Ghibli film.

Why you should watch Mononoke:

  • A unique and gorgeous art style with fascinating character designs
  • Great use of haunting and eerie background music and sound effects throughout the show
  • Aesthetically pleasing artwork with meticulous attention to textures and detail
  • A mysterious and intriguing main character
  • Brilliant execution of horror sequences

Watch Trailer Here

18. Black Lagoon

  • Episodes: 12

21 Best Seinen Anime Series One Must Watch (4)

Black Lagoon is a popular seinen anime by Madhouse studio that almost feels way ahead of its time. However, its modernity, the relevance of its themes, and its animation quality have all made it timeless.

Black Lagoon follows Rokurou Okajima, a corporate office worker whose normal life goes haywire after a failed deal in Thailand.

He is held captive by mercenary pirates known as the Lagoon company. When Rokurou’s company refuses to pay the ransom, he surprisingly decides to join his captors.

The story follows a sequence of unprecedented circumstances for Rokurou, who struggles to adjust to his new life while trying his best not to clash with his new coworker, Revy, who makes his life even harder.

Why you should watch Black Lagoon:

  • An incredible cast of characters (especially the badass women)
  • Tons of flashy action-packed scenes
  • Amazing animation
  • Excellent artwork with great attention to detail
  • Perfect choice of background music, opening, and ending

Watch Trailer Here

17. Grand Blue

  • Episodes: 12

21 Best Seinen Anime Series One Must Watch (5)

There are very few seinen anime, such as Grand Blue. Not only is it different from other seinen anime series, but it is also refreshing as an anime in general.

Grand Blue follows Iori Kitahara, who has just moved to a coastal town to start life as a university freshman.

His hope for an ideal college life quickly goes down the drain when he gets dragged into the Diving Club by its alcohol-obsessed members, who regularly visit his uncle’s scuba diving shop.

From here on, the wildness of the shenanigans only increases. The best way to enjoy the anime is to completely ignore logic and relish all the craziness because, boy, can it get wacky!

Why you should watch Grand Blue:

  • Great art style; highly exaggerated facial expressions (which makes everything ten times funnier)
  • Golden comedy with tons of hilarious moments
  • Wildly entertaining and likable characters
  • No dull interactions between the characters
  • Great use of music, sound effects, and incredible voice acting

Watch Trailer Here

16. Hellsing Ultimate

  • Episodes: 10

21 Best Seinen Anime Series One Must Watch (6)

Hellsing Ultimate is easily one of the best, if not the best, vampire anime series.

The story follows Integra, the head of a massive military, Hellsing, that fights off against the undead nocturnal beings. Yet, no power comes close to her greatest weapon, Alucard, who fights against his kind. No one can rival his power.

With no regard for right or wrong, Alucard keeps doing what he needs to, bringing hell upon every enemy that goes up against the organization.

Hellsing Ultimate is a wild series that does not shy away from experimenting with bizarre directions. However, the running chaos throughout the show makes it enjoyable rather than diving into philosophical themes.

Why you should watch Hellsing Ultimate:

  • Stellar animation
  • Very sharp and detailed artwork
  • A feast for action lovers
  • Very entertaining characters with refreshing personalities
  • Great in-series soundtrack

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15. Kaiji: The Ultimate Survivor

  • Episodes: 26

21 Best Seinen Anime Series One Must Watch (7)

“Kaiji: The Ultimate Survivor” is a very underrated show, and there are very few anime like it. It is the finest gambling anime and one of the best strategy game anime.

The story follows a young man named Kaiji Itou. When his former co-worker runs away, leaving a large debt for him to pay as the cosigner, Kaiji has no option but to settle the money.

He unwillingly accepts an offer to board a ship, where one night of high-stakes games means a large fortune. There begins a series of alliances and betrayals that Kaiji must partake in to survive.

One thing is for sure. If you enjoyed shows like Squid Game and Alice in Borderland, this anime is a perfect fit for you!

Why you should watch Kaiji:

  • Highly engaging premise (survival with high stakes)
  • A constant back and forth of tactics, intellect, and manipulation
  • Intense background music and sound effects that amplify the tension and anticipation tenfold
  • Phenomenal voice acting
  • Very realistic portrayal of human nature when one’s back is against the wall

Watch Trailer Here

14. Kaguya-sama: Love is War

  • Episodes: 12

21 Best Seinen Anime Series One Must Watch (8)

“Kaguya-sama: Love is War” is a unique seinen anime in terms of its combination of genres and the execution of its concept.

The anime is so well-done you can feel the passion studio A-1 pictures have poured into it.

The premise is very straightforward: the president, Miyuki Shirogane, and the vice-president, Kaguya Shinomiya, of Shuchiin Academy like each other.

Despite the mutual love, the problem is they are equally stubborn and go to ridiculous extents to make the other confess. Enter other school council members, and you have chaos full of crazy shenanigans and peak comedy.

The most impressive aspect of the show is that despite a premise that can get boring quickly, the show always delivers fresh gags each time with equal impact.

Why you should watch Kaguya-sama:

  • Extremely likable characters, all with varied personalities
  • Stunning visuals with lovely character designs
  • Beautiful animation
  • A fest of comedy and chaos
  • A highly amusing psychological warfare between the main characters

Watch Trailer Here

13. Erased

  • Episodes: 12

21 Best Seinen Anime Series One Must Watch (9)

Erased, also popularly known asBoku Dake ga Inai Machi, was all the rage in the winter of 2016.

It has left a huge mark as it is considered one of the best psychological thrillers to come out of anime.

The story revolves around Satoru Fujinuma, a 29-year-old man who, in an unfortunate turn of events, gets sent back 18 years in the past. It was also when one of his classmates was murdered.

Relating her killing to the present tragedy, he resolves to fix everything and save her from her fate.

Erased follows Satoru and his childhood friends, working together to protect their friend and unravel the incident that is supposedly going to occur.

Why you should watch Erased:

  • Deeply engrossing plot
  • Constant tension, suspense, and anticipation
  • Neat art style with soft colors (very fitting for its mystery genre)
  • Outstanding music- opening, ending, as well as the OSTs
  • A lot of heavy, emotional, heartfelt moments

Watch Trailer Here

12. Rainbow

  • Episodes: 26

21 Best Seinen Anime Series One Must Watch (10)

Rainbow is another hidden gem in the seinen genre of anime.

A very remarkable aspect of the show is its portrayal of friendship. Of course, the theme itself is present in almost every other anime. But Rainbow depicts it like none other.

The setting is 1995-Japan, and the story revolves around six teenagers arrested on severe criminal charges and Rokurouta Sakuragi, a former boxer. All are allotted the same cell at the Shounan Special Reform School.

The seven guys struggle every day with their humiliating and miserable prison life.

But despite their sufferings, they forge unbreakable bonds and promise to meet again outside someday, when they are free to live life as they want.

Why you should watch Rainbow:

  • A large main cast of well-written characters
  • Great storyline with a highly engaging premise
  • Great animation and artwork very fitting to the grim atmosphere of the show
  • A tragic setting with a beautiful depiction of human bonds
  • Invokes lots of tension, powerful and heartfelt emotions

Watch Trailer Here

11. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

  • Episodes: 26

21 Best Seinen Anime Series One Must Watch (11)

“Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex” is a classic seinen anime by I.G. Production from the early 2000s that still lives up to its hype.

The setting is a not-so-distant future, where human-to-machine transplant has become achievable. But unfortunately, while it grants various strengths, it also creates a loophole for new crimes to make their way into society.

A specialized police unit called section 9, led by Major Motoko Kusanagi, is responsible for dealing with such crimes.

However, the unforeseen foes at the door soon disrupt the entire system and throw the regulating body into a frenzy, forcing section 9 to push past its limits.

Note: You can watch this series without watching the 1995 GITS movie.

Why you should watch Ghost in the Shell:

  • Brilliant animation
  • A very charismatic and likable main character
  • Great music, opening and ending, and OSTs by the famous Yoko Kanno
  • Very well-delivered actions sequences
  • An engaging premise with a very intriguing concept

Watch Trailer Here

10. Made in Abyss

  • Episodes: 13

21 Best Seinen Anime Series One Must Watch (12)

The Made in Abyss anime is based on a successful web manga of the same title.

Don’t be deceived by the art style of the poster! It may look like a wholesome anime full of cute things, but it is far from it.

Made in Abyss has one of the most gripping settings in an anime- an abyss reaching the depths of the earth, full of mysteries.

One day, Riko, a little girl, meets a mysterious robotic boy named Reg. To find answers to the latter’s origin, the two kids decide to explore the Abyss.

What comes next is a string of horrors and the harsh reality that the Abyss brings forth to the kids.

Why you should watch Made in Abyss:

  • A distinctive but fascinating setting, making for an engaging premise
  • Interesting escalation of the mood from light-hearted to grim and dark
  • Amazing fluid animation
  • A lot of nail-biter moments
  • Very likable characters

Watch Trailer Here

9. Bungou Stray Dogs

  • Episodes: 12

21 Best Seinen Anime Series One Must Watch (13)

Bungou Stray Dogs is a fantastic anime with almost guaranteed enjoyability. It is undoubtedly one of the best supernatural seinen series out there.

The plot revolves around Atsushi Nakajima, whose orphanage has been troubled by a mysterious white tiger. Although unaware of it, he is suspected and kicked out of the orphanage.

Atsushi is dying of hunger when he spots a drowning person and decides to save him. Unfortunately, the fellow turns out to be a member of the Armed Detective Agency, who, in return, takes him to join their firm.

This single event triggers a series of mysterious and intriguing occurrences surrounding Atsushi that instantly get you hooked on the show!

Why you should watch Bungou Stray Dogs:

  • A large cast of characters with diverse personalities and powers/abilities
  • An engaging premise with constant mystery around the plot as well as the characters
  • A very distinct and gorgeous art style
  • Great animation, especially during fight scenes
  • Interesting switch up between serious and comedic moments

Watch Trailer Here

8. Fate/Zero

  • Episodes: 13

21 Best Seinen Anime Series One Must Watch (14)

Animated by the only studio, Ufotable, Fate/Zero is just one part of the enormous Fate franchise. It is one of Urobuchi Gen’s most acclaimed works.

Fate/Zero follows the Fourth Holy Grail War in which seven magic users battle to acquire the Holy Grail that grants the victor any desire. Each participant can summon a familiar to fight for them, usually a heroic figure from the past.

Kiritsugu Emiya, a mercenary hired by a magus family, is the main protagonist and one of the participants in the war. Alongside Saber, his familiar female companion, he fights not only a physical battle but also a draining psychological one.

Be sure to watch the second season after because it only gets better!

Why you should watch Fate/Zero:

  • One of the best-animated series to date
  • Stunning art style/character designs
  • Extremely well-written protagonist and antagonist
  • Fight scenes with excellent choreography
  • Great music, including opening and ending, and soundtracks by the renowned musician Yuki Kajiura

Watch Trailer Here

7. One-Punch Man

  • Episodes: 12

21 Best Seinen Anime Series One Must Watch (15)

One-Punch Man is the perfect example of a brilliantly executed superhero parody.

It is about a young man named Saitama, who has lost all his hair due to an intense training regime of three years.

Sadly, he has become so strong that he spends his days getting bored and playing video games because there is nobody who can go up against him. All it takes for him to knock out his opponents is a single punch.

That might sound bizarre, but that is precisely the point.

Later, Saitama finds himself a cyborg disciple, Genos, who then suggests they join the Hero Association. Saitama complies in the hope that he will come across a worthy opponent, raising the curtains for non-stop action and comedy.

Why you should watch One-Punch Man:

  • Jaw-dropping animation quality
  • Numerous action-packed fight sequences
  • Very entertaining protagonist-deuteragonist dynamics
  • A brilliant combination of comedy and action
  • Great music with particularly outstanding fight themes

Watch Trailer Here

6. Mushishi

  • Episodes: 26

21 Best Seinen Anime Series One Must Watch (16)

Mushishi is a gem and undoubtedly one of the best seinen anime out there.

In the story, “Mushi” are primitive life forms that can mimic other life forms, natural phenomena, and even diseases. However, they exist simply for the sake of existing.

“Mushi-shi” are individuals who research Mushi and their standing in the hierarchy of life. Our main character, Ginko, is also a mushi-shi who tracks incidents linked to Mushi, hoping to unravel the mystery shrouding them.

Through him, we learn about different mushi and their impact on people’s lives.

Mushishi is one of those shows that completely suck you into their world. Its delivery is unmatched, and the best way to describe it is: that it hits all the right spots.

Why you should watch Mushishi:

  • Simplistic artwork with soothing and immersive visuals
  • Captivating music (sometimes ominous and sometimes almost therapeutic) that perfectly matches the overall tone of the anime
  • Well-written, realistic and easily-likable characters
  • Excellent delivery of a relatively simple concept
  • A brilliant portrayal of relatable themes of sorrow, grief, solitude, etc.

Watch Trailer Here

5. March Comes in Like a Lion

  • Episodes: 22

21 Best Seinen Anime Series One Must Watch (17)

March Comes in Like a Lion is a seinen series by studio Shaft, a brilliant anime adaptation of the source material.

The show excels in every department- artwork, animation, sound, characterization, and storyline, making this anime the masterpiece it is.

March Comes in Like a Lion follows Rei Kirimiya, a 17-year-old professional shogi player. He is a rather solemn young man with burdens from his adoptive family and the shogi world.

To get away from the pressure, Rei starts living on his own but fails to take care of himself. That is when he meets the Kawamoto sisters, who not only become his safe place but also help him find himself.

Why you should watch Mushishi:

  • Enchanting artwork with drop-dead gorgeous visuals
  • Exceedingly beautiful animation
  • Full of emotionally moving, heart-touching impactful moments
  • Very well-written, true-to-life characters
  • Spellbinding music throughout, very befitting of aniyashikeianime

Watch Trailer Here

4. Parasyte – the maxim

  • Episodes: 24

21 Best Seinen Anime Series One Must Watch (18)

Parasyte is another famous seinen anime by Madhouse Studio that has made a big name for itself.

It’s especially popular with horror and thriller fans. It has tons of graphic gore imagery, so if you’re comfortable with that, you’re in for a wild ride.

The setting is the Earth, now invaded by alien parasites that invade the brain of a human, take over, and prey on other human beings for survival.

Shinichi Izumi, a high school student, falls prey to one such parasite. However, unable to take over his brain, it settles itself in his right hand.

This condition forces them to coexist while defending themselves from all sorts of dangerous parasites that intend to eradicate the human race.

Why you should watch Parasyte:

  • An engaging story right from the beginning
  • Frequent occurrences of horror (graphic as well as narrative)
  • A very refreshing choice of music for OSTs
  • Great artwork, despite it being an adaptation of a 90s manga
  • A whole lot of intense, overwhelming, and emotional moments

Watch Trailer Here

3. Vinland Saga

  • Episodes: 24

21 Best Seinen Anime Series One Must Watch (19)

Vinland Saga is one of the most notable works by Wit Studio that is also easily one of the best seinen anime you can find.

The premise of Vinland Saga is a constant state of war, in which Vikings are the main deal, hired left and right to kill opponents. One such young mercenary is Thorfinn, an Icelandic and our main protagonist.

No remnants of the young Thorfinn who dreamt about the fertile land of Vinland remain inside him as he goes through battle after battle, surrounded by the blood of the many lives lost.

He is dead-set on a single goal: exacting the ultimate revenge on the man who mercilessly killed his father.

Why you should watch Vinland Saga:

  • Exceptional storytelling
  • Amazingly written complex characters (particularly the protagonist and the antagonist)
  • Beautiful art style with incredible scenic beauty
  • Excellent delivery of dark elements and themes like despair, agony, and conviction
  • Detailed character designs (relatively more lifelike than other anime)

Watch Trailer Here

2. Steins;Gate

  • Episodes: 24

21 Best Seinen Anime Series One Must Watch (20)

The Steins;Gate anime is an adaptation of a visual novel of the same name, and the manga adaptations have been serialized inseinenmagazines.

Steins;Gate is a must-watch for time-travel lovers!

The anime follows Okabe Rintarou, a self-proclaimed “Mad Scientist,” his childhood friend, and his roommate. Together the three form the “Future Gadget Laboratory” to invent new technology. So far, their only innovation is a microwave that turns bananas into green goo.

Rintarou later realizes there is more to the microwave than meets the eye when he gets entangled in a string of confusing events.

The first episode of this anime is very trippy, but don’t worry! It’s intended to be that way, and everything starts making sense from the next episode onward.

Why you should watch Steins;Gate:

  • Complicated but well-laid-out plot structure
  • A very likable cast of characters
  • Incredible plot twists that keep you hooked
  • Excellent blend of humor in the otherwise dark atmosphere of the show
  • Remarkably well-developed characters

Watch Trailer Here

Honorable Mentions for Seinen Anime

Before we get to #1, let’s look at our honorable mentions. These titles couldn’t make a list solely because they are anime original and never had a manga serialized in a seinen magazine. They feel very much like the seinen series and are way too good to miss out on!

-> 21 Best Seinen Anime Series One Must Watch (21)

  • Episodes: 26

Cowboy Bebop is a classic anime that has already passed the test of time. Every anime fan has heard of it somewhere at least once.

The anime was very successful in the west, and its popularity has only gone uphill over the years.

The story is set in 2071, when humans have filled other planets across the galaxy, and space travel is normal. However, because crime is rampant, bounty hunters are employed to catch hold of the many rulebreakers and criminals.

Our main protagonist Spike Spiegel is one such bounty hunter who travels across outer space with one crew member in his ship Bebop.

As the show progresses, other members come aboard the Bebop, and together they go about their business, forming meaningful relationships and facing unforeseen adversaries.

Why you should watch Cowboy Bebop:

  • A solid main cast and an immensely likable main protagonist
  • Animation quality exceedingly good for a 90s anime
  • Good-looking art with great attention to detail
  • Astounding music (mostly jazz, which perfectly complements the visuals and the overall ambiance of the show)
  • Characters fleshed out very well through backstories, character development, and their interactions with each other

-> Psycho-Pass

  • Episodes: 22

21 Best Seinen Anime Series One Must Watch (22)

Psycho-Pass is an anime series by Production I.G. and written by Urobuchi Gen, set in 22nd century Japan.

The Japanese government now has a system of identifying and eliminating “criminals” by inspecting their mental state. This very idea makes for a very intriguing premise for a story.

Our main characters are Akane Tsunemori, a newly-recruited inspector with a strong sense of justice and an experienced enforcer (ex-inspector now labeled as a criminal), and Kougami Shinya.

As the pair starts working together, Akane finds herself questioning justice and the very authenticity of the police system.

The anime brilliantly depicts the potential negatives and stakes technological advancements may bring. It makes you wonder if technology can ever substitute human judgment and capabilities.

Why you should watch Psycho-Pass:

  • A very intriguing setting/story premise
  • Very well-written, likable characters
  • Great chemistry between the main characters
  • A terrifying antagonist (who almost feels too threatening sometimes)
  • Neat, sharp art style with stunning character designs

1. Monster

  • Episodes: 74

21 Best Seinen Anime Series One Must Watch (23)

Naoki Urasawa‘s Monster is a timeless classic, regarded as one of the best manga of all time by anime fans. It discusses multiple realistic, human themes and depicts them almost flawlessly.

Madhouse Studio has done an impeccable job with the anime adaptation, following the manga very closely and bringing out the best of what the manga offers.

Monster is about Kenzou Tenma, a renowned Japanese neurosurgeon working in Germany.

One night after he decides to save a young boy instead of the town’s mayor, his career takes a tremendous hit. He is stripped of his position and disgraced by everyone in the hospital.

Tenma somehow manages to regain his stature, only for his past decision to boomerang years later and throw him into unimaginable horrors.

Why you should watch Monster:

  • Deeply engaging story with an excellent plot structure
  • One of the best (arguably the best) antagonists in manga/anime
  • Excellent portrayal of human psychology
  • Brilliant writing of the major to the most minor of characters
  • A constant state of suspense and anticipation, accompanied by haunting background music and sound effects

Watch Trailer Here

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