Best Hu Tao Team Comp For DPS Build | Genshin Impact (2023)

In this guide, we’ll be going over several Hu Tao team comp to maximize her DPS potential. She is a high-risk high reward character doing her maximum damage while sitting below 50% health. While some players might not like this high-risk style of play, we’ll be breaking down several teams that utilize her at low health as well as some that use her more as just a typical main DPS.

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Best Hu Tao Team Comp For DPS Build | Genshin Impact (1)

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We’ll be taking a look at what elemental reactions we’ll want to make a priority when choosing teammates. The elemental resonances we can take advantage of, and what teammates will help to improve Hu tao’s overall damage. We’ll be discussing team comps from the best of the best to those easily accessible to free-to-play players.

Elemental Reactions Priority

Hu tao’s potential damage output is very high and one of the main factors of that is her elemental reactions. The main two that you’ll be striving to include on every team are Melt or Vaporize. These are the bedrocks for any Pyro main DPS as they’ll either multiply your damage by 1.5 or 2x depending on which reaction you trigger. While Melt does provide more damage, we’ll see once we get to the team comps that her actual best partner is a Hydro character. So, we’ll be triggering Vaporized more often but that doesn’t stop her Melt teams from being solid options as well.

One of the main reasons these elemental reactions help put out so much compared to other characters is that Hu Tao’s charge attack has no internal cooldown. This means that on top of having a higher multiplier than her auto-attack combo, we can consistently trigger either Melt or Vaporize for as long as her skill is active and we have stamina. Note that she not only relies on Pyro reactions but Electrocharge, Freeze, and Overload are also extremely important for her.

Best Elemental Resonance

Since we’re trying to increase Hu tao’s overall damage, Fervent Flames and Enduring Rock will be our go-to resonances when we can afford to do so. However, Fervent Flames is less attractive here than usual because of Hu tao’s low natural base attack. If paired with a weapon that is also lackluster in the base attack department, the overall boost won’t be as enticing as it would be for other main DPS characters.

Cryo resonance is also another interesting take allowing you to stack more crit damage in your artifacts. Lastly, Electro resonance may seem bad on paper but it actually puts in work and allows you to spam your burst frequently.

Hu Tao Team Comp #1

This first team is all but confirmed by Theorycrafters to be the highest damage output team for Hu tao. Xingqiu is Hu Tao’s best teammate and you’ll see through the rest of this team comp that it’s hard to justify taking him off the team. He sets up perfect reactions with Hu Tao, reduces incoming damage, and also heals in small increments as to not upset your low hp maintenance. He generates a lot of energy assuming you have either a Sacrificial Sword or Favonious Sword with a decent crit rate.

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As we discussed previously, Hu Tao’s charge attack does not have an internal cooldown and can spark reactions as fast as you can queue up the next charge attack. Xingqiu’s rain swords attack very quickly which actually works in our favor because before Hu Tao executes her charge attack, she actually performs a basic attack which will spark the rain swords in time to apply Hydro for the charge attack.

That all being said, you could substitute Xinqiu for any other Hydro here you like if you prefer their playstyle. If performance is what you’re after, it’ll be hard to justify another character above him.

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Zhongli’s shield will be vital as Hu Tao performs her best under 50% health. A nice and sturdy shield will help prevent her from getting one-shot or combo killed out of nowhere. The fact that Zhongli can play both offense and defense at the same time is one of the main reasons for his prominence and why he’s not easily replaced. Not to mention he can just drop an elemental burst every now and again for a ton of AOE damage.

Albedo is the passive damage prince, being able to remain off-field for 30 seconds while applying a steady stream of damage and receive a Geo boost from the resonance that makes the job that much easier for your main DPS. He also has a hidden ability here to increase your team’s elemental mastery as well further increasing your vaporized reaction damage from Hu Tao.

Hu Tao Team Comp #2

This team is overall hurt by not having a dedicated healer so it can struggle in Spiral Abyss. If you’re careful in not taking damage with your supports Hu Tao is able to heal herself through her burst and with the aid of Xingqiu. If you’re finding yourself taking more damage than you’d like, Bennett would be a fine replacement for Xiangling.

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Xiangling is here to provide Pyro boost through her 1st and 6th constellations as well as the Chili that Guoba drops after obtaining her 4th ascension. She also is the other half of the Pyro resonance to further increase Hu tao’s attack. Just remember that this does not affect her base attack so it will not change how much attack you can gain from stacking hp.

Sucrose is a valued member of any team that deals a large majority of their damage as one type because she can utilize the Viridescent Veneer set reducing the enemy’s resistance to the element she swirls with by 40%. Although there are technically four other characters who could be our viridescent support she is arguably the best in this team. Her ability pass off elemental mastery to her other teammates paving the way for even bigger reaction damage.

Hu Tao Team Comp #3

This team now adds Fischl and Beidou for their sublime off-field electro support. Fischl’s Oz plays a similar role as Albedo on our first team. Pretty much unlimited off-field supporting damage especially with this team because of the electro resonance we’ll be generating electro particles everywhere.

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With Beidou, that can be kind of necessary especially if you aren’t very good at quick parrying which is where she generates most of her energy from. But her burst is why she’s so much fun on this team, providing a shield once you get her to constellation 1 all your basic and charged attacks will now create an additional lightning attack that can jump between enemies. Between this and the Hyrdo application from Xingqiu, there’s a lot of potential for AoE damage here which Hu Tao is quite inferior.

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The extra cherry on top of this type of team is that when triggering electrocharged reactions, both Hydro and Electro can remain on the enemy at the same time. This means that not only can we still inflict our Vaporize reactions undisturbed but we could also inflict Overloaded which will generate particles from the Electro resonance and as long as you have ascension 4 Fischl, she will generate an additional electro attack.

Hu Tao Team Comp #4

Best Hu Tao Team Comp For DPS Build | Genshin Impact (5)

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We will be using the reduction of cooldown benefit from Chongyun’s 2nd constellation. Essentially this is a simple Vaporized/Freeze team looking to reduce the downtime of Hu Tao and Xingqiu’s long cooldowns so that we can stay in the action longer.

Hu Tao Team Comp #5

Best Hu Tao Team Comp For DPS Build | Genshin Impact (6)

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Xingqiu plays so well with electro supports. This allows you to not only get Electrocharged reaction damage but also allows you to simultaneously inflict Overload and Vaporize. At any given point, you can be inflicting 3 elemental reactions at once. Fischl with constellation 6 abuses this so much along with Hu tao’s attacks constantly applying Pyro and Hydro from Xinqiu’s burst.

Zhongli is here for the ridiculous elemental resistance shred you get which greatly amplifies not only Hu Tao’s damage but the electro and hydro damage coming from your two sub DPS characters. His petrify is also great to counteract the blowback from the Overload reaction. This is really important because you spend less time chasing enemies down and sometimes Overload blows your enemies outside of Oz’s range. Meaning you miss out on a lot of potential damage.

If you play Beidou over Fischl, you sacrifice a little bit of damage for more resistance. Hu Tao’s burst will serve as your safety net if you fall too low for comfort.

Hu Tao Team Comp #6

This team comp is for people who don’t have or play Zhongli. The playstyle is exactly the same as team #5 and Diona is more beginner-friendly in the manner that you have a solid heal whenever you need it. Whereas team #5 forces you to play relatively perfectly, you can make a lot of mistakes with this team and have the Diona’s burst as support.

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Diona’s elemental burst also doesn’t take that fast which allows you to control how much HP you are at any point. You open up the potential to inflict Freeze reaction as well which is very useful in a lot of situations especially against the bigger bosses.

Hu Tao Team Comp #7

This team focuses on the ability to inflict Freeze with Melt and Vaporize as your main damage source. Double Cryo resonance allows you to forego some crit rate in your build in favor of more crit damage. Remember that Hu Tao also gives you some crit rate as well.

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Chongyun with constellation 2 pairs so well with Hu Tao and Xingqiu combo since the ice field doesn’t override the Pyro source from your elemental skill and the extra elemental skill and burst cooldown allows you more uptime on your combos. You just get free attack speed which will allow you to inflict more reactions. Chongyun’s burst also allows you to inflict Melt up to three times meaning he actually puts in a lot of burst DPS as well. Diona is your shielder and her heal ticks slow enough so that you can control how much HP you need.

Hu Tao Team Comp #8

This team makes use of the Electro resonance so that you can consistently spam your elemental burst. As I’ve explained, Electrocharge opens the door for us to inflict Overload often which means we’re getting a lot of value out of the Electro resonance. The particles we generate will fuel our ability to keep our Xingqiu and Beidou burst up 24/7 giving your Hu Tao a lot of resistance and passive healing.

Best Hu Tao Team Comp For DPS Build | Genshin Impact (9)

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I do believe this comp is also good to go without a healer but you’ll take a bit more damage than if you’re playing team one or two. However, with the extra energy you can expect to spam Hu Tao’s burst a lot more meaning you get actually a lot more HP recovery from that source.

If you don’t have Xingqiu at all or don’t like playing him in this comp or any of the other mentioned comps you can play Mona instead and that’s perfectly fine. However, I think Xingqui gives you much more value because of his swords and the way it scales with Hu Tao’s attack speed.

Hu Tao Team Comp #9

Kaeya is great support for Hu Tao and allows you to inflict multiple Melt damage. Xiangling at constellation 6 gives your Hu Tao a large Pyro buff. Even if your Hu Tao skills are down, you can look at Kaeya and Xiangling’s burst in conjunction while your in Hu Tao’s basic attacks.

Best Hu Tao Team Comp For DPS Build | Genshin Impact (10)

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Barbara at constellation 6 is a great poor man’s Hu Tao constellation 6 and Barbara’s elemental skill also heals decently slowly which gives you the ability to stay below the 50% threshold. Note that you have to be careful with playing Barbara especially against cryo enemies. You should have Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers on your Barbara so you can get the free buff. Also, you shouldn’t panic to use your Barbara’s burst unless you’re really close to dying. Barbara’s burst heals a lot and you don’t want to heal more than 50% of your total HP on Hu Tao.

Final Thoughts

Hu Tao is very free to play and budget-friendly and her best supports are often all 4 stars. You can have Hu Tao and no other 5 stars and still play one of the best teams possible. This makes Hu Tao very attractive and if you’re still considering rolling her and you need a main DPS Hu Tao is definitely a must-get. If you made it this far, thank you so much for staying and I hope these team recommendations are helpful for you.

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What characters work well with Hu Tao? ›

Genshin Impact: 10 Best Characters To Use With Hu Tao
  • Beidou. Beidou is one of the strongest sub DPSes in Genshin Impact and is especially good at applying off-field damage, which is ideal for pairing with an on-field DPS like Hu Tao. ...
  • Kaeya. ...
  • Albedo. ...
  • Thoma. ...
  • Zhongli. ...
  • Fischl. ...
  • Kaedehara Kazuha. ...
  • Sucrose.
17 Nov 2021

Is Hu Tao a good main DPS? ›

Limited five-star character Hu Tao has become one of the most popular main DPS options in Genshin Impact. Her elemental skill Guide to Afterlife makes her a high risk, high reward option that deals massive amount of pyro damage while at low health.

How much Crit DMG does Hu Tao need? ›

50%+ crit rate is usually enough, but the 60 range is usually where you want it to be.

How do you make Hu Tao do more damage? ›

To get the most out of this elemental skill, look for Genshin Impact artifacts that feature health, Pyro damage, and crit rate. The four-piece Crimson Witch of Flames set is perfect for Hu Tao, increasing her Overloaded and Burning damage by 40%, as well as all Vaporize and Melt damage by 15%.

Who is Hu Tao best paired with? ›

Hu Tao and Xingqiu should always be together. The two can offer so much to each other, making them one of the best pairs in the game. As for Sucrose, her role is mostly to reduce enemies' Elemental Resistance.

Is c0 Bennett good for Hu Tao? ›

While Bennett's healing might not be fully practical, it heals greatly on every tick. Since Hu Tao gets stronger when her HP is below 50%, Bennett's healing will be an overheal for her. Therefore, using Bennett can be tricky if players wish to maximize Hu Tao's potential.

Is Hu Tao stronger than Diluc? ›

To that end, Hu Tao is notably more "talented" than Diluc. She has no wasted talents at all. Meanwhile, Diluc's first passive talent does not help him much. Moreover, Hu Tao's Elemental Burst and Elemental Skill work so much better together compared to Diluc's straightforward and unimaginative fire attacks.

Is Pyro DMG or HP better for Hu Tao? ›

Pyro give more damage than HP goblet. But, in certain aspect, HP can give ore survivability and healing rate. If you have staff of homa, and got HP goblet first to complete Crimson Witch set, just use it. If you don't, better switch to 2 CW+2 gladiators with pyro goblet until you completed get CW set.

Who is Hu Tao shipped with? ›

ZhongTao is the het ship between Zhongli and Hu Tao from the Genshin Impact fandom.

Is 140 Crit DMG good? ›

Good CR is around 50% ish, and if you can get your CD to like 140-150% at least then that's solid.

Is Crit DMG or ATK better? ›

CR/CD multiplies damage, which is based on your total attack (and the skill multiplier applied to that attack). So CR/CD is generally better than ATK%, because it multiplies a bigger quantity.

Is 50 crit rate enough Genshin? ›

The Redditor reveals that the ideal character build in Genshin Impact should have a 75 Crit Rate and 150 Crit Damage. However, if a character reaches a 1:3 ratio, his damage potential will be decreased by only 2%, which is insignificant compared to the grind that goes into farming to reach these stats.

How much crit damage does Hu Tao have at 90? ›

Hu Tao Stats and Talent Scaling:
Level/Ascend PhaseCritical Damage BonusHP
Ascend Level 628.8% Critical Damage12,637
level 8028.8% Critical Damage13,721
Ascend Level 738.4% Critical Damage14,459
level 90 HP38.4% Critical Damage15,552
10 more rows

Why is Qiqi scared of Hu Tao? ›

For example, the reason Qiqi thinks Hu Tao is so punchable is because Hu Tao often tries to literally bury Qiqi. Remember, Qiqi is a zombie - and therefore dead - so it makes sense that our funeral director hero would try and bury Qiqi's body for good, despite it quite clearly being undead.

Is Hu Tao worth it for f2p? ›

Hu-Tao can constantly apply Pyro on enemies, which makes Dragon's Bane a superb choice for free-to-play players. She can easily dish out 50K plus damage with an unoptimized build, and if you happen to grab all the right artifacts, Hu-Tao can scale past her peers.

Is Yelan better than Xingqiu for Hu Tao? ›

This includes popular Genshin Impact characters like Raiden Shogun and Hu Tao. In exchange for Xingqiu's defensive abilities, Yelan offers raw DPS for a more offensive playstyle. So, Yelan is better in terms of damage, while Xingqiu is better in terms of utility.

What is the best f2p weapon for Hu Tao? ›

Genshin Impact: Best Weapons For Hu Tao
  • The Halberd is a typical weapon recommended for most of the Polearm wielders in Genshin, mainly because it's so easily acquired. ...
  • Another weapon you most likely already have handy from opening chests, the White Tassel gives Hu Tao a 24 percent boost to her Normal Attack damage.
10 Jul 2022

What is the best 4 star for Hu Tao? ›

Deathmatch is the best 4-star weapon for Hu Tao. Not only it does it provide a 36.8% Crit Rate, but it also increases the wielder's attack by 16% or 24%, depending on the number of enemies nearby.

Is C6 Bennett a good DPS? ›

Genshin Impact: Is Bennett C6 good? Bennett is one of Genshin Impact's best units, and he provides some insane buffs to his teammates thanks to his Elemental Burst. Many of Bennett's constellations are an amazing addition to his power as well, granting him more damage or even better buffs.

Does Hu Tao need a healer? ›

The thing is Hu Taos entire kit revolves around a high risk high reward playstyle. You're supposed to always have her below 50% hp, but in return she does massive damage. So most people never run her with a healer since you want shielders instead. Ofc if you're lower leveled it won't matter much.

How do I stop Xiao from losing HP? ›

For the duration of his Burst, Xiao constantly loses HP, which means he will soon be on the brink of death. To handle this issue, it is crucial to protect Xiao with a healer. Xiao is best paired with healers that can "follow" him, such as Barbara or Qiqi.

Can Hu Tao use gladiator? ›

Since buffing Hu Tao's ATK is also one of your main priorities, the ATK-boosting Gladiator's Finale is another great set. Mixing Crimson Witch of Flames and Gladiator's Finale can be a great option if Hu Tao is your main DPS — just be aware of the 4-piece set bonuses you'll be missing out on.

Did Diluc join the Fatui? ›

Rejecting the Delusion

After defeating Barnabas, the Fatui take Diluc into custody. But he escapes, leaving his original Dark Knight Hero mask and Crepus' Delusion behind.

What is Hu Tao weakness? ›

Hu Tao's base damage is unfortunately rather weak — one of the weakest in Genshin Impact. This weakness is easily overcome by utilizing Hu Tao's Elemental Skill, which increases her attack significantly and shrouds her strikes in Pyro damage. The damage this skill inflicts scales off Hu Tao's HP.

Is 150 Crit DMG good for Ayaka? ›

However, the aforementioned analysis of the four-piece Blizzard Strayer and Cryo Resonance proved that Ayaka does not need a lot of Crit Rate. Players can stack a lot of Crit DMG (over 180%) and Energy Recharge (120-150%).

Who is the strongest Pyro DPS in Genshin? ›

Xiangling is the best Sub-DPS Pyro character in Genshin Impact. As a Sub-DPS, she shines when working alongside compatible units that enable and trigger Elemental reactions with her.

How much em should Hu Tao have? ›

Sub-Stats. Hu Tao is able to vape 90% of her damage, the value of EM cannot be undersold. Below 100 EM, an EM sub can be worth more than a Crit substat. Crit Rate subs will typically be of increased value for a Homa Tao due to the difficulty of building Crit Rate on her.

What is Hu Tao gender? ›

Hu Tao is a very perky and cheerful young woman.

Is Hu Tao and Xiao canon? ›

Canon. There isn't much content that contains the two as they have not interacted in the canon timeline yet. They both have butterfly as their symbol. Xiao's story quest is called "Butterfly's Dream" while Hu Tao's quest is called "Yet the Butterfly Flutters Away".

How old is Hu Tao? ›

The latest update contains re-runs of Yae Miko and Childe as well as new four-star Layla, a Sumeru student. Find out more about her, and all the other playable characters in Genshin Impact, with our comprehensive guide.
Genshin Character Statistics Chart.
CharacterHu Tao
BirthdayJuly 15
Height5'1" / 156cm
57 more columns
18 Nov 2022

Is 40% CRIT Rate enough Genshin? ›

It is rather easy to build characters to have 40% crit. It is extremely hard to get lucky enough rolls to get 80% crit. You need attack - otherwise your criticals don't hit hard.

Is 60% CRIT Rate good for Xiao? ›

Crit rate is more important. Try to aim for at least 160%.

Is 160 Crit DMG good Genshin? ›

Yes it's good. The more the better. Ideally main DPS crit is 70/140+ but crit damage is better to stack after some EM.

How much ATK should your main DPS have? ›

Depends on the character and whether they have a 5* weapon, but having 1800-2000 ATK is pretty decent.

Is ATK% good? ›

The reason that ATK% is so much better than flat ATK is that at high levels, your base attack will be high enough that the percentages of your base attack will beat out the amount of flat attack it is possible to roll! Base attack is Character atk stat + Weapon main atk stat.

Why is elemental DMG better than ATK? ›

Both are main DPS that can deal physical and/or elemental damage, and can imbue their normal attacks with an element. Using atk% goblet main stat increases damage dealt by both types, but going with elemental dmg main stat can end up dealing more if you take advantage of elemental reactions.

What is the highest Genshin crit? ›

Highest DMG of 1.53 million in Genshin Impact

Floor 7 of spiral abyss provides an additional 120% CRIT DMG to all the party members, resulting in a huge increase of CRIT hits.

What crit ratio is good for Ayato? ›

The basic rule is to get 70% ATK, 50% Crit min, and 100% Crit Dmg% minimum. The ideal ratio between Crit% and Crit Dmg% is 1:2.

Is yelan part of the Fatui? ›

After over a month of waiting for Yelan, fans have had time to dig deep into who she might really be, and many suspect a dark possibility: Yelan might actually be one of the Fatui Harbingers. Yelan first appears in the recently-added Chasm section of Liyue, where she saves the Traveler before mysteriously disappearing.

Should I use Dragon's Bane on Hu Tao? ›

Dragon's Bane in Genshin Impact cannot draw out the character's true strength by itself, as it requires elemental reactions. Secondary stats providing a massive 221 Elemental Mastery can increase the reaction damage exponentially. To achieve this, Hu Tao needs a good Hydro-type support character like XIngqiu.

Does 100% CRIT Rate mean every hit is a crit? ›

Having 100% or more CRIT Rate means that attacks will always critically hit. Attacks on an enemy's weak point guarantees a Critical Hit.

Is CRIT Rate useless on Ganyu? ›

Crit Damage is better on Ganyu than Crit Rate, as shots on weak points count as Crits. Ganyu's first Ascension Passive Talent buffs the Crit Rate of each Frostflake Arrow you fire after the first, and with some Artifacts you'll have no problem hitting Crits even on enemies without weak points.

How was Qiqi killed? ›

5/15 Her Tragic Death

She injured her leg in a nasty fall, and limped over to a cavern to rest and bandage up her wound. Then, Qiqi heard strange sounds that did not seem human, and was suddenly caught in the middle of a crossfire between the adepti and demons.

Why do people ship Hu Tao and yanfei? ›

One of the reasons YanTao shippers ship these two is because Yanfei does not state negatively of Hu Tao, while majority of the Liyue cast does. This makes the ship stronger to the fandom as they find this pairing very valid.

Did Hu Tao bury Qiqi? ›

Hu Tao has gone farther than most players think with her desire to bury Qiqi - something she believes is the right thing to do since the child is a zombie. In fact, Hu Tao has had poor Qiqi stuffed into a bag several times, only for Dr. Baizhu to stop the kidnapping in the nick of time.

Does Hu Tao need high crit rate? ›

How much crit dmg does Hu Tao get? I need to know if I should keep farming. Keep farming, or switch some of your crit rate artifacts for crit damage. 50%+ crit rate is usually enough, but the 60 range is usually where you want it to be.

How many crowns does Hu Tao need? ›

According to a recently updated Reddit graphic, upgrading Hu Tao's talents requires "Diligence" talent books, Nectar-themed items, three Crowns of Insight, and Shard of a Foul Legacy.

Is Hu Tao one of the best DPS? ›

Updated June 17, 2022, by Nahda Nabiilah: Long after Hu Tao's initial release in Genshin Impact 1.3, she remains one of the best DPS in the game. Many would even argue that, so far, she's the best damage dealer in Genshin Impact. With the release of Yelan in version 2.7, Hu Tao becomes the star of the talk again.

Are Chongyun and Hu Tao good together? ›

Chongyun is an ideal party member for your Hu Tao team because he's able to dish out Cryo damage quickly and easily. His Elemental Skill creates an AoE field which lets him deal Cryo damage with his attacks.

Do Hu Tao and Diluc work well together? ›

Both. Both of them deal pyro damage anyway so Diluc's party composition works just as well for Hu Tao. While Hu Tao might need a healer more so than Diluc, she makes up for the DPS loss by providing Crit Rate for other party members.

Does Hu Tao work with Raiden? ›

Raiden Shogun helps with Energy regeneration in this team and deals additional damage when players wait for the 16-second cooldown on Hu Tao's elemental skill.

Why do people ship Xiao and Hu Tao? ›

HuXiao shippers often think that Xiao would be protective towards Hu Tao and Hu Tao might be the one to help Xiao find peace/happiness. Many HuXiao shippers like the ship due to their fun dynamic, angst potential, and many thematic similarities. A key point is their shared associations with butterflies and death.

Does Yanfei like Hu Tao? ›

YanTao is also one of the more popular ships in Genshin Impact in which one of the main suppliment being Genshin Fandom highly prefers slash ship over het pairings. One of the reasons YanTao shippers ship these two is because Yanfei does not state negatively of Hu Tao, while majority of the Liyue cast does.

Why is Xingqiu good with Hu Tao? ›

No other hydro character vaporises Hu Tao's charged attacks as well as Xingqiu, to the point Hu Tao practically needs him to reach her damage potential. Xingqiu is Hu Tao's best support and utility character, and a Hu Tao team is incomplete without him.


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