Genshin Impact Sara build, constellations, and skills (2023)

Genshin Impact’sSara is a powerful and formidable force. Bold, decisive, and skilled in battle, she’s the leader of the Tenryou Comission’s forces, the adopted daughter of the Kujou Clan, and a tireless and loyal follower of the almighty Shogun. Though fiercely independent and seemingly ruthless, she’s not quite as cold and indifferent as she appears – and, in battle, she offers a great level of support to her allies.

It can be tough to decide on Genshin Impact Sara‘s best build, as she’s certainly not the easiest character to play, and has a set of very unique skills. However, when built properly, this electro, bow-wielding commander has the potential to be an extremely valuable sub-DPS or support, who offers great buffs to your entire team. In this guide we aim to highlight all of her strengths and weaknesses, which weapons and artifacts to equip her with, and how to make the most of her powerful yet tricky abilities.

If you want to learn more about the otherfaces of Teyvat, check out our Genshin Impact character guide. We also have a Genshin Impact codelist full of primos and other goodies, and a Genshin Impact banner guide so you know who to save those wishes for.

Genshin Impact Sara guide

Here’s everything that’s in our Genshin Impact Sara guide.

  • Best build
  • Best weapons
  • Best artifacts
  • Skills
  • Constellations
  • Ascension materials
  • Team comps
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What is the best Genshin Impact Sara build?

Sara is an electro bow wielder with some interesting skills. It can a little tricky tomake the most of Sara, and she’s often overlooked as a result. However, when built correctly and utilised to her full potential, she can be a real asset to many of your team comps. This guide is based on personal experience from playing Sara in-game, as well asthe amazing work ofthe dedicated fans over on r/KuhouSaraMains.I also want to give a massive shout-out tothis extremely helpful post from Reddit userThePhilosogamer.

While she can be used as a main DPS, we generally advise against it as she’s not really built for that role. Sheworks best as a sub-DPS or a buffer support, with some potential to be used as a battery, though she doesn’t excel at this as much as other characters (like Genshin Impact’s Fischl or Genshin Impact’s Raiden).

Sara is capable of both dealing damage and offering support simultaneously, so whichever role you choose to build her as, it’s a good idea to invest in both of these strengths if you want to maximise her contributions in battle.Her main benefits are her long-ranged attacks, consistent electro application, and her ability to provide attack buffs and energy recharge for her team.

When it comesto playstyle, frequent swapping is the key to Sara’s success. When her abilities are ready, switch to Sara and use them to both buff her allies and dish out some damage, before switching to your main DPS or burst DPS make the most of the attack bonus she provides.When built, even during these brief appearances, she can deal some great damage, which only gets better if you manage to get her to C6. At this constellation, she also becomes the ultimate support for all electro characters, including Raiden.

(Video) COMPLETE SARA GUIDE! Best Kujou Sara Build - Artifacts, Weapons & Teams | Genshin Impact

Sadly, she’s not really viable before you get her to C2, as her automatic buff is gated behind this. Additionally, she does offer less support abilities than other characters that fit the role such as Genshin Impact’s Bennett. However, for the right team she offers some great utility that you’ll struggle to replace, and she can actually work alongside other buffers like Bennett with the right build.

Sara isn’t the easiest character to use, and it may take some practice to get used to her playstyle. But with some patience and the help of this guide, which focuses on the best sub-DPS buffer support builds, we hope to help you get to grips with this powerful but tricky ally.

Genshin Impact Sara build, constellations, and skills (2)

What is Genshin Impact Sara’s best weapon?

Skyward Harp is a really strong pick for Genshin Impact’s Sara. It has the highest base attack of all bows, whichgreatly enhances the attack buff given by her elemental skill, Tengu Stormcall. Aside from the Skyward Harp, none of the other five-star bows reallysuit Sara’s playstyle, but they still offer higher attack than most of the four-star options.

When it comes to four-star bows, Alley Hunter is a great choice, as it offers a strong attack bonus, and compliments her switch-dependant playstyle, as it increases her damage for every second she’s in the party but not on the field. If you have Sara at C2, Alley Hunter is perfect – and even surpasses most five-star bows at refinement rank five.

If you don’t have Sara at C2 yet, you can use Sacrificial Bow to roughly emulate the benefits of her second constellation. While you may not make the most of its skill due to the brief windows that Sara is in the field, it offers decent energy recharge and, alongside Alley Hunter, has the highest base attack of all of the four-star bows.

Alternatively, as a sub-dps, The Viridescent Hunt from the battle pass is a good shout, as it increases crit rate and boosts the damage of her elemental burst, and its skill allows you to deal damage to multiple targets at once. If you’re struggling to get any of the other weapons and are happy to pay for the battle pass, this may be the best option for you as, unfortunately, most free to play weapons that are easy to get hold of aren’t really suitable for her.

WeaponEffectWhere to get
Skyward HarpBonus effect:+4.8% crit rate
Skill:increasescrit damage by 20%. Hits have a 60% chance to inflict a small AoE attack, dealing 125% physical attack damage. Can only occur once every four seconds
Alley HunterBonus Effect:+6% attack
Skill:when Sara is equipped with this weapon andis in the party but not on the field,her damage increases by 2% every second, up to a max of 20%. When she’s on the field for more than four seconds, the aforementioned damage buff decreases by 4% per second until it reaches 0%
Sacrificial BowBonus effect:+6.7% energy recharge
Skill: after damaging an opponent with an elemental skill, the skill has a 40% chance to end its own cooldown. Can only occur once every 30 seconds
The Viridescent HuntBonus effect: +6% crit rate
Skill: upon hit, normal and aimed shot attacks have a 50% chance to generate a cyclone, which continuously attracts surrounding enemies, dealing 40% of attack as damage to these enemies every 0.5 seconds for four seconds. This effect can only occur once every 14 seconds
Battle pass reward
(Video) KUJOU SARA - COMPLETE GUIDE - 4★/5★ Weapons, Mechanics, Artifacts, Comps | Genshin Impact

What are Genshin Impact Sara’s best Artifacts?

When it comes to picking artifacts for Sara, you’ve got a few options.Your best choice is equipping her with four pieces of Emblem of Severed Fate. As Sara’s burst is her primary source of damage, this set’s boost to her energy recharge and burst damage is perfect for maximising her damage output and how frequently she can buff her allies.

Alternatively, combining two pieces of Thundering Fury with two pieces of Noblesse Oblige, is great for offering a boost to both your electro damage and burst damage.

Finally, you can use four pieces of Thundersoother. While not usually a prime choice, this set offers a 35% boost to electro damage. However,to make the most of it, it requires you having at least one other electro character on the team in addition to Sara.

Artifact setEffectHow to get
Emblem of Severed FateTwo equipped: energy recharge +20%
Four equipped:
increases elemental burst damage by 25% of energy recharge. You can obtain a maximum of 75% bonus damage in this way
Momiji-Dyed Court domain on Yashiori Island in Inazuma
  • Two Thundering Fury
  • Two Noblesse Oblige
  • Electro damage +15%
  • Elemental burst damage +20%
  • Thundering Fury from the Midsummer Courtyard domain in Starfell Valley, Starsnatch Cliff
  • Noblesse Oblige from the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern domain in Minlin, Mt. Aozang, or from the Noblesse Oblige Artifact Strongbox
ThundersootherTwo equipped: electro resistance +40%
Four equipped: increases damage dealt against enemies affected by electro by 35%
From the Midsummer Courtyard domain in Starfell Valley, Starsnatch Cliff

Artifact stat and sub-stat priorities

When picking artifacts for Sara, it’s best to prioritise these stats.

  • Crit rate
  • Crit damage
  • Attack%
  • Damage bonus
  • Energy recharge

What are Genshin Impact Sara’s skills?

Active skills:

(Video) Kujou Sara Support & Sub DPS Build & Guide | Genshin Impact

Tengu Bowmanship (normal)Perform up to five shots with a bow
Tengu Bowmanship (charged)Perform a more precise aimed shot. A fully charged arrow will deal electro damage, and when in Crowfeather Cover state, Sara will leave behind a Crowfeather after the attack hits.The Crowfeather she leaves behind triggers Tengu Juurai: Ambush, this deals AoE electro damage and grants the active character an attack bonus based on Sara’s base attack
Tengu Bowmanship (plunging)Fire a shower of arrows in mid-air, these deal AoE damage on impact
Tengu StormcallSara retreats and gains Crowfeather Cover for 18 seconds
Subjugation: Koukou SendouCasts down Tengu Juurai: Titanbreaker, dealing AoE electro damage.ThenTengu Juurai: Titanbreaker spreads out into four consecutive bouts ofTengu Juurai: Stormcluster to deal AoE electro damage. Titanbreak and Stormcluster provide the active character with the same attack bonus as Tengu Stormcall

Passive skills:

Land SurveyTime spent on expeditions in Inazuma is reduced by 25%
Immovable WillWhile in Crowfeather Cover, aimed shot charge time is reduced by 60%
DecorumWhen Tengu Juurai: Ambush hits an enemy, Sara will restore 1.2 energy to all party members for every 100% energy recharge she has. This can only be triggered once every three seconds

What are Genshin Impact Sara’s constellations?

Constellations are buffs that improve how a character performs in battle. You can level up Sara’s constellations when you receive her as duplicate when making a wish.

Sara’s capabilities as a support are, unfortunately, heavily tied to her constellations, meaning you need to pull her multiple times if you want to use her viably. As mentioned above, C2 is a massive game-changer when it comes to her buffing abilities, and is pretty much a necessity when it comes to getting the most out of her kit.

Her C4 and C6 are also great for maximising Sara’s utility, so the more constellations you get for her, the better. Luckily, as a four-star character who not only gets featured on rate-up banners, but is also available on the normal banner, getting constellations for her is not as difficult as a other characters – as long as the RNG gods smile upon you, of course!

C1:Crow’s EyeWhen Tengu Juurai grants an attack bonus or hits opponents, thecooldown of Tengu Stormcall is decreased by one second. This can be triggered once everythree seconds
C2:Dark WingsUnleashing Tengu Stormcall leaves a weaker Crowfeather at Sara’s original position that deals 30% of its originaldamage
C3:The War WithinIncreases the level of Subjugation: Koukou Sendou bythree
C4:Conclusive ProofThe number of Tengu Juurai: Stormcluster released by Subjugation: Koukou Sendou is increased tosix
C5:SpellsingerIncreases the level of Tengu Stormcall by three
C6:Sin of PrideThe electrodamage of characters who have had theirattack increased by Tengu Juuraihave their critical hit damage increased by 60%
(Video) How Kujou Sara Skill Works | Thorough & In-Depth Explanation [Skills, Talent, Constellation]

What are Genshin Impact Sara’s ascension materials?

Save up these items in order to ascend Genshin Impact’s Sara as soon as you reach the right level.

Required levelMoraMaterials
2020,000OneVajrada Amethyst Sliver, threeDendrobium, three Damaged Masks
4040,000ThreeVajrada Amethyst Fragment, twoStorm Beads, tenDendrobium, 15Damaged Masks
5060,000Six Vajrada Amethyst Fragment, four Storm Beads, 20 Dendrobium, 12 Stained Masks
6080,000Three Vajrada Amethyst Chunk, eight Storm Beads, 30 Dendrobium, 18 Stained Masks
70100,000Six Vajrada Amethyst Chunk, 12 Storm Beads, 45 Dendrobium, 12 Ominous Mask
80120,000SixVajrada Amethyst Gemstone, 20 Storm Beads, 60 Dendrobium, 24 Ominous Masks

What’s Genshin Impact Sara’s best team comp?

When built, Sara can fit into most team comps – I mean, who doesn’t love a good attack buff? However, it’s these very supporting abilities that dictate which teammates are best suited to fight alongside her.

Though extremely useful, her buff suffers from a range limitation, meaning she’s best suited to supporting close-ranged DPS allies.

Additionally, due to the short duration of the buff, it’s a good idea to team her up with sub-DPS who have talents that ‘snapshot’ (the attack’s power doesn’t change after activation). Funnily enough, all electro characters fit either one or both of these criteria – which is very handy, considering she makes a great support to most electro characters anyway, especially at C6.

Here are some great characters to put in a team comp alongside Sara, and why they work so well with her.

(Video) C6 Kujou Sara WORTH IT? C0 to C6 Testing Constellations Gameplay & Review | Genshin Impact

  • Genshin Impact’s Eula – Sara’s buff matches Eula’s skill rotation,with its duration suiting it perfectly, and her status as a close-ranged DPS eliminating the issue of the buff’s range limitation. Her cryo application, in conjunction with Sara’s electro,maintainssuperconduct reactions, whichreduces the physical resistanceof nearby enemies for 12 seconds. With the addition of Sara’s buff, this allows Eula to go to town and really dish out some powerful attacks
  • Genshin Impact’s Raiden Shogun – Raiden and Sara have a wonderful, mutuallybeneficialrelationship – some may say it’s a match made in Celestia. While Raiden’s skill increases Sara’s burst damage, Sara’s burst buff’s duration lasts throughout the entirety of Raiden’s elemental burst. Additionally, they can both act as a battery for each other, and having them both on one team enables the electro resonance buff, which reduces the amount of time party members are affected by hydro, while also ensuring that superconduct, overloaded, and electro-charged have a 100% chance to generate an electro elemental particle
  • Genshin Impact’s Beidou – Beidou’s burst snapshots, and benefits from Sara’s crit damage bonus. At C6, Beidou also destroys enemy electro resistance, allowing both her and Sara to dish out heaps of damage. As Beidou is also an electro character, as with Raiden, having both Beidou and Sara on a team together enables electro resonance
  • Genshin Impact’s Fischl – Fischl’s handy bird-friend Oz snapshots Sara’s buff, and lasts long enough for you to use Sara to focus on strengthening your main DPS. Like Beidou and Raiden, Fischl being an electro character also enables electro resonance, and she is a brilliant battery, meaning Sara and Fischl will produce plenty of elemental particles, speeding up how often your entire team can use their elemental bursts

That’s it for our Genshin Impact Sara guide – we hope it helps you harness the power of the tengu! If you need a break from the bustling world of Teyvat, check out our list of the best games like Genshin Impact to find something fresh to play.


What constellation is good for Sara? ›

Kujou Sara's Constellation

Kujou Sara works as a great unit at C0, however, C2 is where things get really good for her. Aside from that, C4 and C6 are also constellations to look out for. Especially C6 which can make her OP on certain team compositions.

Does Sara need constellations? ›

Kujou Sara is an attack buffer, similar to Bennett. Sadly, as she is far harder to use, many players choose to keep her aside. Fortunately, her performance greatly increases once Travelers obtain her Constellations. For Kujou Sara to be a decent buffer, she needs to at least be at C2.

Is it worth it to build Kujou Sara? ›

In addition to the damage increase, with this bonus, players also have the freedom to raise their Electro character's Crit Rate and rely on Sara to grant them Crit damage. With how easy it is for the Shogun General to grant 100% buff uptime, this investment will prove to be worth it.

What weapon is good for Sara? ›

Elegy for the End is the best supportive bow Kujou Sara can wield. Its Energy Recharge (ER) sub-stat will enhance her second passive (fourth ascension), which regenerates 1.2 Energy to the whole party for every 100% ER she has.

Who should I pair Kujou Sara with? ›

The most recommended character for this role would be Raiden Shogun, but if players don't have the Electro Archon, then alternatives like Beidou, Fischl, and Yae Miko work as well.

Is Sara good with Baal? ›

Baal is one of the best characters to put on a team with Kujou Sara. This is because Sara is a great support character. The Raiden Shogun can charge up her Elemental Burst thanks to Kujou Sara. She is a great battery character, so you can use her to both buff and charge Raiden Shogun's Elemental Burst.

How old is Sara from Genshin? ›

Genshin Impact characters' ages, heights, and birthdays
Rosaria245'9.5" / 176.5cm
Sara-5'8" / 172.7 cm
Sayu14/154'6" / 138 cm
Shenhe-5'5" / 165.1 cm
44 more rows

Does Kujou Sara have a sister? ›

Kujou Sara is the sister of Kujou Saya, and works as a nurse in the local hospital.

How old is Kujou Sara? ›

Genshin Character Statistics Chart
Klee8-10²4'5" / 135cm
Kujou SaraUnknown5'6" / 168cm
Kuki ShinobuYoung Woman5'3" / 161cm
Lisa32²5'5" / 166cm
53 more rows
2 Nov 2022

Does Kujou Sara have a brother? ›

Masahito is the eldest son of Kujou Takayuki, older brother of Kujou Kamaji, and older adoptive brother of Kujou Sara.

Can Kujou Sara be a main DPS? ›

Kujou Sara is a 4-star Electro character. The heroine is mainly played as a DPS support or DPS burst. Thanks to her elemental attacks, she will boost the ATK of all your characters, including herself. She is one of the best supports for Raiden.

Is Sara a good main DPS? ›

Pull If You Need A Support & DPS

Kujou Sara is a great character that can be a sub Electro DPS & support. She can provide an ATK bonus, similar to Bennett. With Noblesse Oblige, she can further increase the ATK of the whole team.

Does Sara work with EULA? ›

10/14 Eula - Diona - Raiden Shogun - Kujou Sara

Not only that, but she also acts as a secondary DPS for when Eula's stubborn Elemental Burst takes too long to fill up. Meanwhile, Kujou Sara provides even more energy, and synergizes well with Raiden Shogun being a damage dealer.

How much ATK does Sara give? ›

level 90/90 Sara (195 base ATK), with both of them having their highest base ATK weapons!

What is the best f2p weapon for Sara? ›

With that in mind, we recommend Hamayumi. Its secondary stat gives the user's attack a hefty boost, and if they have full Energy, their normal and charged attacks deal much higher damage.

Who is Sara shipped with? ›

KokoSara is the femslash ship between Sangonomiya Kokomi and Kujou Sara from the Genshin Impact fandom.

Is Yae Miko good with Sara? ›

Sara can quickly provide all sorts of buffs to Yae Miko, and gets amazing when her Constellation is maxed out. She can be a great Support in an all Electro team, but you'll still need a battery unit to generate Particles.

Are Sara and ITTO enemies? ›

Though, Keisuke and Sakujirou eventually make up in the end, while Itto and Sara are, by no means, enemies.

Does Raiden support Kujou Sara? ›

In-story, Kujou Sara is a servant of the Electro Archon, and fittingly enough one of her best roles is as a supporting fighter. (She doesn't necessarily need to be in a party with the Raiden Shogun as your DPS main for this, even if it does make a nice kind of sense from a narrative perspective.)

Does Raiden work with Sara? ›

Kujou Sara and the Raiden Shogun can synergize in a variety of ways. Kujou Sara buffs the Raiden Shogun's Electro damage by a lot. Meanwhile, the Raiden Shogun allows Kujou Sara to use her powerful Elemental Burst more often. Together, these two characters can form some incredible teams in the Spiral Abyss.

What tier is Sara Genshin? ›

Energy Recharge is the most important stats for Kujou Sara, so the Support Build will also help travelers to stack the Energy Recharge for Kujou Sara. In Genshin Impact, Kujou Sara is a 4 Stars rarity Electro character currently in A tier.

Is Sara the tallest Genshin character? ›

Kujou Sara is currently the tallest female character in Genshin Impact.

What is Kujou Sara wearing? ›

Her outfit resembles a tengu, a demon found in Japanese folklore said to incite wars and natural disasters, which suits Kujou Sara's role as a military commander. Her red headpiece mask features a long beak, one of the most prominent features of a tengu, and she wears tengu geta, one-toothed traditional clogs.

Who is 20 year old Genshin? ›

Shikanoin Heizou. Estimated Age: 20 years old.

Who is Rosaria sister? ›

Rosaria is a Sister of the Church of Favonius, which might seem strange considering Rosaria's attitude does not reflect the other Sisters'. However, there's a detailed backstory on how this came to be. Here are some things players might not know about Rosaria.

What race is Kujou Sara? ›

Description: Kujou Sara may have forsaken the arrogant life of the tengu race, but she has never neglected their brilliance with the sword or their supernatural might.

How old is Raiden EI? ›

3/11 Raiden Shogun, At Least 2000 Years Old

The Raiden Shogun, also known as Ei, is an interesting character in Genshin Impact, as she doesn't have a distinct age.

WHO adopted Kujou Sara? ›

Character Details

She was fostered from a young age by the Kujou Clan and has served since then as part of the Tenryou Commission. The Tenryou Commission is one arm of the Tri-Commission, and is in charge of the security of Inazuma.

How old is yanfei? ›

Appearance. Yanfei's appearance in Liyue that talk Madam Ping before introduces to Traveler and Paimon in the world quest. She's sixteen to seventeen years old and has pale skin, pink hair, and green eyes.

Is Kujou Sara yokai? ›

👺Yokai Character of The Day👺 on Twitter: "Today's yokai character is Kujou Sara from Genshin Impact, She is a tengu" / Twitter.

Is Sara a vampire? ›

Sara Shirabuki (白蕗 更 Shirabuki Sara) was a Pureblood vampire and Head of the Shirabuki family, one of the remaining seven Pureblood families.

What is tsaritsa's Archon name? ›

The Tsaritsa of Snezhnaya, also known as the Cryo Archon, is one of the two main antagonists of the 2020 action role-playing fantasy video game Genshin Impact (alongside the Traveler's twin).

What is Baal sister name? ›

Ugaritic texts also refer to Anat to as Baal's sister, though Aicha Rahmouni notes that it has been called into question if they were envisioned as biologically related.

Who is Eula shipped with Genshin? ›

EulAmber is the femslash ship between Eula and Amber from the Genshin Impact fandom.

Is Keqing good with Kujou Sara? ›

Old but not obsolete, Keqing is a top contender in quickswap teams. Sara is able to buff Keqing, maximising the amount of damage she can do in the short rotations. Although her damage output alone is nothing impressive, when paired with other Electro units and Sara, Keqing can be deadly.

Can Kujou Sara use elegy of the end? ›

Kujou Sara is a support Electro character that requires a ton of Energy Recharge to work efficiently. Hence, the Elegy for the End Bow is a viable option for her. Many players even prefer the Elegy for the End over the Skyward Harp while building Sara because the former helps her in spamming the Elemental Burst.

Is flat ATK better than ATK%? ›

The reason that ATK% is so much better than flat ATK is that at high levels, your base attack will be high enough that the percentages of your base attack will beat out the amount of flat attack it is possible to roll! Base attack is Character atk stat + Weapon main atk stat.

Who has the highest ATK in Genshin? ›

1/15 Xiao (27/349)

However, based on damage alone, Xiao most certainly qualifies as a heavy hitter (should the player avoid a few major mistakes) — Xiao has the highest base attack in Genshin Impact.

Is DMG bonus better than ATK? ›

The short "tl;dr" answer is Physical/Elemental DMG is often better, but attack% can be better if you have good substats. Attack is used as the source of all damage, so increasing attack will increase all damage dealt from a character. However, getting attack ≠ damage.

What should I farm for Kujou Sara? ›

Sara requires Damaged Masks, Stained Masks, and Ominous Masks throughout leveling up her character. These are necessities for both increasing her talent level and ascending her level cap. All three items are found by defeating Hillichurl enemies.

Is Inazuma bow good for Sara? ›

The best Genshin Impact Sara build

The Amos Bow also increases normal and charged attack damage by 12%, which is increased by a further 8% for every 0.1 seconds an arrow is in the air. A decent four-star alternative would be the new Inazuma bow, Hamayumi.

What is the best 4 star weapon for Sara? ›

Sacrificial Bow and Alley Hunter both share the same Base ATK, which is the highest among four-star bows, so they'll grant Kujou Sara the same buffing potential.

What is Sayus best constellation? ›

Constellation 1 Sayu is able to deal damage and healing at the same time, while Constellation 2 increases her Elemental Skill's DMG. Constellation 6 is arguably her best, though, as it provides a massive ATK bonus that scales off of Elemental Mastery.

What is Sara good at Genshin? ›

Works Best As A Team Buffer & Burst Damage Dealer

Kujou Sara can buff the team while dealing Electro damage to enemies. She works the best as a team buffer that will only be on the field during the start of the combo with your characters or when her Elemental Burst can be unleashed.

What does C6 Xiao do? ›

C6 Xiao is probably the best DPS in Genshin Impact. As soon as the sixth constellation is unlocked, Xiao can use his skill up to six times in one second, dealing massive damage. However, this effect is unavailable for most bosses or single-enemies, requiring two opponents to trigger.

Does kazuha need C2? ›

Kazuha can transform his Elemental Mastery into Elemental DMG, so C2 Kazuha is the best addition to his kit. After casting his ultimate, Kazuha will gain 200 EM, which is equal to an 8% extra Elemental DMG Bonus.

Who has the best C6 in Genshin? ›

Another character with a massive DPS increase at C6 is Ganyu since it makes her able to do her damage in a shorter amount of time. While Ganyu's other Constellation talents are strong as well, like decreasing opponents' Cryo Resistance and increasing the damage of her Burst, Ganyu's C6 is her best.

What is the best f2p weapon for Kujou Sara? ›

The best weapons for Kujou Sara
  • Sacrificial Bow (4★)
  • Favonius Warbow (4★)
  • Blackcliff. Warbow (4★)
8 Apr 2022

Is sucrose or Sayu better? ›

Moreover, Sayu's base stats are surprisingly higher than either Sucrose's and Venti's.

How good is C1 Sayu? ›

C1 Sayu's effect adds one of her best features. It allows her Elemental Burst to attack enemies and heal allies simultaneously. That is important for Sayu as a Support since it will allow her to Swirl and reduce enemies' resistance while healing the active character at the same time.

Is Sayu better than Barbara? ›

Compared to Barbara, Sayu has better per hit healing with her burst than Barbara has with her elemental skill. On the other hand, Barbara does just beat Sayu in terms of immediate healing with her elemental burst; this effectively puts the two on near equal footing as far as healing potential is concerned.

Who is Sara shipped with Genshin? ›

KokoSara is the femslash ship between Sangonomiya Kokomi and Kujou Sara from the Genshin Impact fandom.


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