Teatv v10.5.4r - Download Latest Version Apk For Android (2023)

TeaTv Apk Download : Most popular APK streaming application that provides an opportunity for thousands of users for viewing Movies & TV Shows. TeaTV APK is an online watching movie app for android. It is one of the most useable and downloadable app for android user. If you are a movie lover and want to Watch HD Movies & TV Shows online for free on your android, Teatv is best choose for you.

Here in this article: I will provide you the best ways to Download TeaTv on your android, IOS, Firestick, PC with Emulators, and other devices which can able to support it.

Screenshots - Teatv App

Teatv v10.5.4r - Download Latest Version Apk For Android (1) Teatv v10.5.4r - Download Latest Version Apk For Android (2) Teatv v10.5.4r - Download Latest Version Apk For Android (3) Teatv v10.5.4r - Download Latest Version Apk For Android (4)

Table of Contents

  • Teatv
  • Teatv Features
  • Download Teatv
  • Screenshots
  • How to Install Teatv ?
  • Teatv on FireTV / Android TV
  • Teatv For PC
  • Teatv Faq's
  • Final Words
  • Features - Teatv App

    There are many substitute apps of Teatv available in online. But it is a great version with excellent feature and free of cost.

    • TeaTv is 100% virus free. So you can download and install it without any doubts. If you have any doubt, you can scan this app with Anti virus app before installing it in your device
    • TeaTv .APK is supported in all android devices.
    • Easily use on PC (Both Windows 32 & Windows 64).
    • Watch HD Movies, Online TV Shows, Others online videos through TeaTv App.
    • You can also use it in any kind of Android TV.
    • Excellent bufferless service in watching time.
    • You can add an option of using subtitle or dubbed multi-language while watching.
    • It also helps to search for any new movie online.
    • Tea Tv .APK is a free app with premium features.
    • Teatv app is suitable for any other Android device such as Amazon Fire Stick, Smart TV, Nvidia Shield, Abox A4, WeTek Core, etc

    We are delighted to provide for you the update versions and keep up to date. In this blog, you will get its A-Z review with the active download link and Download on your android devices.

    Download Teatv Apk For Android

    You can easily Download Teatv apk and Install Teatv apk Movie App in your android device. In the previous section, you can know Teatv apk online features and the awesome online movie app. Teatv apk allows to watch 4k movies online.

    Teatv v10.5.4r - Download Latest Version Apk For Android (5)

    Here you get the latest version of Teatv apk (10.5.4r) and its download option for android. You can also download here previous version for smart android phone and for smart android TV.

    Download Teatv Apk Latest Version :

    The current latest version of teatv is 10.5.4r. Its released on 01 November, 2022. Always Install the latest version to get the new feature and enjoy buffer free stream

    Download Teatv APK

    Teatv v10.5.4r - Download Latest Version Apk For Android (6)

    v10.5.4r || 10.5.4r

    App Name Teatv
    Version 10.5.4r
    App Type Apk
    App Size 32.8 MB
    Release Date 01 November, 2022

    Download Now (v10.5.4r)

    Download Teatv Apk Old Version :

    If you are not happy with latest version and you want to downgrade to previus version . teatvapkdownload also provide you to download all old versions ( 10.0.7, 10.0.6,10.0.4, 10.0.3,10.0.4r, 10.0.5, 9.9r, 9.6r, 9.4r, 9.5r and others ).

    Download Teatv Old Versions

    Download Teatv Apk on Playstore :

    TeaTV APK is not available officially on the Google Play Store. you have to download it from a third-party website. Before downloading make sure that the files you going to download & error & virus-free. Teatvapkdownload.com Provides 100% virus free clean apk , which are totally safe for your android phone.

    How to Install Teatv apk and Start watching Hd Movies:

    If you want to watch HD movie, you will have to install teatv apk. Here we describe the process of teatv apk installation. You just follow the process and install this excellent app in your devices.

    Since teatv apk is not available in Google Play so you will have to download this app from this website or any third party resource (virus free).

    Follow bellow step to install teatv apk on android

    • Download any version of Teatv Apk according to your choice (Recommended latest version 10.5.4r ).
    • Then you click on the file with the extension .apk and it will open naturally as well as google play store.
    • If any warning, you will have to allow option in your android device for access this app on the phone
    • Then try to follow the next steps :

    • Allow the app in your mobile operating system. At first, you need to go setting option then security. Then click on the unknown source. Then click it to enable this option.
    • Now open your download teatv apk file by double-clicking on it. Now click on the Install button to run it.
    • After finishing this process, you can see this app on your android devices.

    Now you can easily watch movie and tv show in teatv apk App. So take internet connection in your device and enjoy the buffer less show.

    TeaTv on Android Tv and Smart Tv

    Teatv v10.5.4r - Download Latest Version Apk For Android (7)

    Tea TV on Android Tv is a perfect entertainment solution for those who like to watch free hd movied on their tv box .

    If you have an android tv and want to watch your favorite content on the larger screen of the TV, Teatv is best choose for you. All content of teatv are high quality and high resolution. The installation process also simple. Keep reading to know, how to install teatv on android tv.

    How to install teatv on android tv

    It’s Very simple process . Download teatv app from our website . The android apk file and android tv apk file are same. You can copy file from your phone , or –

    • Turn on Android TV Box and make sure it is connected to internet. Now, open a browser and Download TeaTv APK File
    • After download , you need to enable Unknown Sources to install third-party APK. Go to Settings and then select ‘More Settings’. Now turn the Unknown Sources ON .
    • Come back to download file and again click , – it will be start to install.
    • After successfully install – you can watch hd movies and tv show on your android smart tv

    Teatv For Smart Tv

    Teatv Apk for Mac & Pc (Windows 7,8,10 - 32/64 Bit)

    If you want to watch free hd movies and tv app on your computers, Teatv is best choose for your pc. This is the only app to get all your favorite content totally free on your windows.

    Teatv for pc can be install with two separate methods :

    Method 1 : There are TeaTv.exe file to install directly on Pc for Windows 32 bit & 64 bit.

    Method 2 : Android emulator to install teatv apk file.

    Two methods are good choose . We discuss all about two methods on separate links. Click bellow button to know more and install a guide on your pc.

    Teatv For Pc

    Install Teatv on Firestick and Fire Tv

    TeaTV for FireStick is a great way to enjoy the high-quality content on your HD TV. Not everyone has a smart Android TV and thus they cannot install apps like TeaTV on smart TV directly. But, there are devices like FireStick that make playing movies possible even on simple TVs with HDMI support. Enjoy All HD Content totally free with teatv apk download.

    You can easily enjoy Teatv on your firestick tv. We provide the best guide on it.

    Teatv For Firestick

    Teatv FAQ's

    • Is Teatv Safe ?

    • Teatv is absolutely safe because of uses the Peer-to-Peer technology.It's not the same as the others P2P torrent instead the files are hosted on our fast servers and the user just download them from there.The brand is offering a wide catalog of HD channels that are only offered on a monthly fee. So Download Teatv Latest Version to enjoy unlimited Content.
    • Why Teatv is the Best ?

    • Teatv provides you all the video entertaining content just on a single app. You don't have to go anywhere else. You will get all the latest web Series, Bollywood, Hollywood Movies, TV Shows, Live Tv channels and Much More... on Teatv APP
    • Is Teatv APP Free ?

    • Yes, Teatv App is absolutely Free to use and you don't have to pay for any kind of subscription. But it shows a few ads in between, that is not interrupting at all. Teatv is opensource, free of charge and freely distributed.
    • What Devices Teatv Supports ?

    • Teatv is available for Android and TV devices. This app allows you to play some audio & video files from your device. It will Play 4K, 3D and 8K Video, not just 1080p HD. Check the details below to see if your device is supported. It Supports all the mojor video streaming devices like:
      • Amazon FireTV
      • Android Tv
      • Android Smartphones
      • Android Tablet
    • How to Install Teatv on Android TV / Fire TV ?

    • YES, you can intsall Teatv App on Fire TV / Android TV. We have dedicated guide how to install Teatv on FireStick and Android TV. How to Install Checkout Here : Teatv Android/FireTV
    • How to Install Teatv on Laptop PC/Windows/Mac?

    • Yes, You can easily install the Teatv on PC as well. There are a few ways to Install Teatv in Laptop. How to install ? Checkout Here : Teatv For PC


    This is the complete guide for How To Download TeaTv APK and Install It on your Android, PC, iSO, MAC, Android Box, Firestick. If you have any kind of Complain about this site or doubts regarding this, Please Contact Us ASAP

    We are here to help you.

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